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Bayside Shipping Services is the leading service orientated Commercial P&I and H&M Club Correspondent in Australia.

With over 50 years experience we have the range of skills and depth of knowledge to provide P&I and H&M Clubs and their shipowner and/or charterer members with immediate assistance and support and can play a pivotal role in the management of marine incidents.

At Bayside we offer:

point initiative
point local knowledge
point experience
point dedication
point 24 hour service
point support to the Master and Crew
point situation evaluation
point practical solutions
point good communication

Bayside assists Club Members when requested on a case by case basis providing a personal service based on loyalty and trust. Bayside is not an agent.

We have a detailed knowledge and understanding of a range of widely utilised bills of lading, charter parties and other contracts of affreightment, and their interpretation and application under various international conventions throughout the world.


P&I Insurance is a specialised third party liability cover for shipowners and charterers relating to risks and liabilities arising out of the use and operation of ships. It does not cover the hull of the vessel.

There are several fixed-premium insurance providers, offering P&I insurance. However, the vast majority of P&I insurance is purchased through one or more independent, non-profit making mutual insurance associations. Such associations are better known as P&I Clubs.

There are 13 major P&I Clubs who collectively comprise The International Group of P&I Clubs. Between them, they provide P&I cover for approximately 90% of the world’s ocean-going tonnage.

Liabilities covered are wide ranging and include:

point personal injury to crew, passengers and others on board
point cargo loss and damage
point oil pollution
point salvage, wreck removal and general average
point damage to fixed or floating objects
point collision damage to other ships
point stowaways

In addition, the International Group provides a mutual reinsurance scheme for the member Clubs through the International Group Pool and its associated Excess Loss Reinsurance contracts.

The Pool provides a mechanism for sharing all claims in excess of US$9 Million up to, approximately US$7.5 billion (as at May 2015).


Hull & Machinery insurance covers damage to the hull, machinery and equipment installed on the vessel.

The terms of H&M cover vary but often P&I and H&M insurance interact in the area of collision liability and liability for contact damage to third party property.

Depending upon the terms of cover, H&M may include:

point heavy weather, Stranding or collision
point fire, lightening, explosions
point loading or discharging cargo
point going on or off dry docks and marine railroads
point negligence on the part of the captain and/or crew
point collision damage to other ships

Generally, but not always, cover against War, Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotions is arranged separately to a vessel's Hull and Machinery Insurance and extended to include War Protection and Indemnity Risks.

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